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Garstang (CRRC)

Brockholes Way, Catterall, near Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 0PZ

The Garstang Community Recycling and Re-use Centre (CRRC) opened on the site of the former recycling centre on Brockholes Way at Catterall, near Garstang on Friday 18 September 2015.

From 1 November 2019

Garstang Community Re-use and Recycling Centre's opening days and hours are now Thursday to Monday 9am-5pm all year round. (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)


Brockholes Way, off Garstang Road at Catterall, near Garstang.

Facilities at the centre

The centre is open 4 days per week (Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Lancashire County Council is working in partnership with a local charity to provide a new type of centre where reuse and recycling are at the heart of the service.

Types of waste accepted

Reuse shop

The reuse shop accepts donations and sells bric-a-brac, electrical goods, furniture, spare parts, bits'n'bobs and a whole range of other pre-loved bargains. The shop is open at the same time as the recycling centre; please visit to browse, buy and donate suitable goods for resale.

Items suitable for donation include good quality furniture (with fire labels if required), electrical items, bric-a-brac and other household items suitable for resale.

Recycling centre

The recycling facility will accept the materials listed below:

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Paper, books and cardboard (no wallpaper)
  • Green garden waste
  • Plastic bottles
  • Textiles and shoes
  • Scrap metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Mixed cans
  • Cooking oil
  • Portable and car batteries
  • Electricals (cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, kettles, toasters, irons, fridges, freezers, fluorescent tubes, TVs & monitors)
  • Engine oil
  • Beverage cartons

No other types of waste, other than those identified above, will be accepted – for example the CRRC does not accept general rubbish, trade waste, bin bags, 'inert' waste, wood, pet waste, plasterboard, asbestos, tyres, chemicals, paint, carpet, mattresses, gas cylinders or other such types of waste.

Facilities for the disposal of other types of waste

Alternative facilities remain at Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood and Longridge recycling centres for the disposal of wastes not accepted at the Garstang CRRC.

More information

If you are unsure what the site can or cannot take then please call us on 0300 123 6781 for advice.