Request a temporary closure

You must apply in writing to request a temporary closure of a public right of way. You must enclose a plan marking the section of the public right of way that you require closing.

Please show an alternative route if one is available.

If the route is on land you do not own, then it will be necessary to supply the landowner's permission in writing.

Please state the reason for the closure, together with a proposed commencement date and duration time. 


We require four to six weeks' notice in order to process your application.

It is only possible to grant a closure for up to six months at a time and extend it for a further period where applicable. 


We require your agreement to pay any costs involved.  There is a fee chargeable at the rate current at the time of application plus advertising costs.

Advertising costs will vary depending on which local newspaper is used. Each time the order is extended, a full charge plus advertising costs will apply. 

If the application is granted we will forward you notices for posting on site.

For further information please contact the Public Rights of Way Department.

Tel: 01772 530317

Public Rights of Way department,
Lancashire County Council,
County Hall,
P.O. Box 100,
County Hall,