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PIVATS 5 Analysis Online

PIVATS 5 Online Tracking is now available via The Pupil Tracker.

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Enter assessments, set targets and display pupil level, group level and school level charts & reports.

PIVATS 5 Online is for PIVATS Tracking and sophisticated analysis of this tracking data, this system does not give a user access to the PIVATS 5 Indicators. For a copy of the indicators a user must purchase the PIVATS 5 DVD separately.

The PIVATS 5 Online element of The Pupil Tracker has been tailored to the new PIVATS 5. For those users who still wish to track PIVATS 4 you can do so by clicking on the separate link on the right. If you have subscribed to a PIVATS online account for 2018/19 academic year you will have access to both the PIVATS 4 and PIVATS 5 Online Analysis systems. PIVATS 5 Online works on an academic year basis with prices ranging from £120 - £150 (per academic year).