Updated LPDS English Planning Units - Year 1 to 6 - Summer Term - Full Set (RES235)


The updates include:

  • a new overview booklet on the planning process for English, incorporating reading, writing, grammar,spelling and handwriting;
  • complete coverage of the National Curriculum for English using the Key Learning for Reading and Writing materials;
  • new ideas and approaches for planning through the teaching sequence phases with more detailed guidance on reading and gathering content phases;
  • updated suggestions of texts, direct links to specific film clips and resources within every unit;
  • a tighter focus on grammar skills via warm-up sessions and integration within units;
  • increased emphasis on vocabulary for reading and writing;
  • further short and longer writing opportunities built into each unit; and
  • updated outcome suggestions for scaffolded writing whilst highlighting the need for independent writing for assessment purposes.

This price includes all English units for Summer 1 and Summer 2 from Y1 to Y6 (12 booklets in total).

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Updated Summer 2023