Red Rose Learning and Progression Steps for Reading in Reception Group Grids (PBL197)


The Red Rose Letters and Sounds Learning and Progression Steps for Reading in Reception Group Grids are designed to support progression, planning and assessment for the teaching of reading in the Reception year. 

They outline the Red Rose Letters and Sounds phonic progression for word reading, including grapheme, phoneme corrsepondences, tricky words and high frequency words, alongside comprehension development. 

The comprehension statements have been derived from the Early Years Foundation Stage Stautory Framework, and are designed to support teachers to plan appropriate learning opportunities for the whole class, groups, and individual children, in order to meet end of year expectations in reading.  

The document is organised into half termly easy to use group grids which support planning for reading, and formative and summative assessment of Reading using Red Rose Letters and Sounds Progression, across Reception towards the Early Learning Goals. 

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Published 2023