A Framework to Support Planning for EYFS 'The Natural World- Working Scientifically (PBL554)


'The Natural World - Working Scientifically' – A Framework to Support Planning for EYFS

A tool for schools and settings working with children aged 3-5 years to help identify key learning opportunities linked to working scientifically within their provision.

Schools and settings can use this framework to plan an effective curriculum linked to (and beyond) Understanding the World: The Natural World. It is not a scheme of work but rather provides ideas for learning opportunities which can be changed and reviewed in response to the individual needs of each cohort. The resource provides suggestions for a learning focus linked to different themes, topics and learning opportunities appropriate for EYFS and to support progress through the EYFS and transition into key stage 1. Learning opportunities are suggested under the following titles:

  • PLANTS (Including Links to the Seasons)
  • ANIMALS (Including Humans)
  • ENVIRONMENT (Local and Beyond)
  • MATERIALS (Exploring Properties, Water, Other Liquids, Ice, Sand, Mud, Food Stuffs, Bubbles, Magnets)
  • LIGHT (Dark Den, Outdoor Lights, Mirrors, Shadows)
  • FORCES (Falling Things, Balancing Things, Floating Things, Flying Things, Moving Toys, Moving Themselves, Changing the Shape of Malleable Materials)
  • CONTEXTS FOR WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY (Outdoors, Indoors, Beyond the School)

The document will be a useful tool for practitioners who are new to working in EYFS, as well as experienced EYFS practitioners, subject leaders, EYFS co-ordinators, senior leaders within schools who are looking to evaluate and further develop their existing EYFS curriculum. This is an electronic resource.

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*THIS RESOURCE IS PART OF THE EARLY YEARS FRAMEWORK DOCUMENT (PBL555). FULL DOCUMENT CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY: https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/lpds/publications/details/?id=934 *