Year 6 Last Push Pack for Reading and Writing


The Push Pack has been designed for Year 6 teachers in order to create an independent evidence base, in conjunction with other work, to support making judgements against the Teacher Assessment Framework for Writing at the end of Key Stage 2 (TAF).

This 6-7 week detailed sequence of work revisits a range of reading and writing key skills using a quality text (The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford) and supporting link texts. It assumes that children will have already been taught the key skills throughout the Key Stage and this unit provides the opportunity to review and apply skills within a motivating and engaging context.

A reading and writing overview has been provided with key skills listed. This highlights the key skills which have been identified for each outcome. However, teachers may decide to supplement sessions / activities with additional skills pertinent to the needs of their class.

The Push Pack comprises of two main units: an integrated fiction and non-fiction unit and a separate poetry unit. In addition to the final independent written outcomes referenced above, each sequence embeds a balance of modelled and independent writing opportunities. Opportunities for aiming towards the higher standard in writing are also included. 

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