Designing, Making and Programming in Design Technology in Primary Schools

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Computing Leaders, Teachers

Course code Keystages Presented by
TEC120 KS2
  • Rob Musker (Teaching and Learning Consultant)

This course will:
- discuss the importance of the iterative process of designing and making in DT;
- look at the suitability of different methods of communicating ideas such as discussion, annotated sketches, exploded diagrams and computer-aided design;
- discuss the use of electrical systems to create products in DT;
- examine practically how programming can be used to monitor and control products using different tools such as Crumble or Micro:bit; and
- highlight the key concepts of computing that are often covered in these types of DT projects such as selection, algorithmic thinking and inputs and outputs.

Computing and Science have deep links with Design Technology. Design Technology provides real, practical contexts for pupils to apply their programming skills and support them to work scientifically. DT can also help reinforce other key areas of computing such as computational thinking.
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