Great Teaching Bitesize: Checking for Understanding - Using your visualiser

Suitable for: Headteacher, Teachers, ECTs, Teaching Assistants, LTA

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PTL162 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • Ian Richardson (Teaching and Learning Consultant)

Formative assessment and modelling are key elements of classroom practice if we are to help our pupils make progress.

This session will demonstrate how visualisers can be used to:
- model Learning;
- give feedback;
- support pupils in self and peer evaluation; and
- improve learning within the lesson

The EEF's 'five-a-day approach' lists 'Using Technology' as a key element of high quality daily teaching, and references the use of a 'class visualiser.' (EEF; 2022; Moving forwards, making a difference).

Visualisers are a simple but versatile piece of technology that can have a big impact on modelling, feedback and pupils' motivation. This short session will demonstrate practical ways to use a visualiser to support pupils' learning in different subjects.

This is a one hour twilight. Great Teaching Bitesize sessions will allow busy teachers to focus on one or two key elements to help them reflect on, and enhance, their practice.

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As this course is online, we would be grateful if you would attend on a device with a working camera and microphone.

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