Great Teaching Bitesize: Success Criteria - Making Them Work for You.

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs, LTA

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PTL161 Foundation; KS1
  • Adele Thomson (Teaching and Learning Consultant)

One piece of the formative assessment jigsaw is the use of effective success criteria. This is essential for reducing anxiety around learning, developing independence as well as enabling pupils to have the best possible chance to be successful in their learning.

This one hour course is filled with practical ways to create and use success criteria to develop children's independent learning.

It will give delegates the opportunity to find out about co-constructed success criteria and how to get pupils involved in reviewing their learning in a more purposeful way.

This is a one hour twilight. Great Teaching Bitesize sessions will allow busy teachers to focus on one or two key elements to help them reflect on, and enhance, their practice.

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As this course is online, we would be grateful if you would attend on a device with a working camera and microphone.

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