NEW - Great Teaching: From Passive to Active Learning

Suitable for: Headteacher, Heads of Department, Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs, LTA

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PTL156 KS1; KS2
  • Steph Johnson (Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant)

This course is part of a series of courses using evidence-based research to develop, and embed, 'great' teaching and learning.

This course will:
- consider the barriers to learning many children face which result in them being passive, or dysregulated, learners;
- review research findings regarding how children learn, including the importance of managing cognitive load and building lasting schemata through making learning 'stick';
- consider practical strategies for helping children move from being passive learners to actively engaged, independent and resilient learners who take responsibility for their own learning; and
- reinvigorate delegates to facilitate enjoyment in learning, whilst maintaining rigour, in order to help children reach their full potential.

Many schools are noticing their children have become passive learners, and even disengaged from learning and school. How do we encourage children to become active participants in their own learning; to be independent and resilient? How can we develop enthusiastic learners whilst maintaining appropriate rigour? Engagement in learning and deep learning are not mutually exclusive and this course aims to prove that. Come along and enjoy the opportunity to reflect on your school's practice or your own classroom practice, revisit some of the strategies you used in the past, but may have forgotten about, and gather some fresh ideas to add to your 'teacher toolkit.'

This new course merges aspects of the previous courses, Engaging Children in Learning and Growing Independent and Resilient Learners.

Engaging Children in Learning - "A fantastic day. So informative and engaging! Steph is brilliant and we took so much away from it" A Lancashire Headteacher

Growing Independent and Resilient Learners - "Brilliant course and I feel very enthused to put some of the ideas discussed today in place." A Lancashire Teacher

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