Great Teaching: Manageable Planning for Quality First Teaching

Suitable for: Headteacher, Teachers

Course code Keystages Presented by
PTL130 KS1; KS2
  • Steph Johnson (TLC)
  • Jen Little (Primary Consultant)

This course is part of a series of courses using evidence-based research to develop, and embed, 'great' teaching and learning. In this course we will:

Review the key elements of quality first teaching, including the use of diagnostic assessment, and how to use these to inform planning
Explore how clear learning objectives, success criteria and outcomes support great teaching
Consider how to plan sequential lessons which maximise learning for all including a range of strategies for addressing the needs of different learners
Explore strategies and processes for ensuring planning is focused, efficient and manageable

This course will provide an opportunity to review key research messages from cognitive science relating to the development of schemata, management of cognitive load and Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction. It will consider how to ensure planning is sequenced and clearly focused on learning. The course will also consider how to teach to age-related expectations whilst having a range of strategies to support the learning of those who are falling behind and for adding challenge for those who are ready.

Please note that this course is split over two half-day sessions to allow for a gap task. The first session will be face to face and the second session online.

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