Great Teaching: Using Metacognition to Advance Learning

Suitable for: Teachers

Course code Keystages Presented by
PTL120 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • Ian Richardson (Primary Consultant)
  • Jen Little (Primary Consultant)

This course is part of a series of courses using evidence-based research to develop, and embed, 'great' teaching and learning. In this course we will:
- Develop an understanding of metacognition and self-regulation which research shows can advance pupil progress by an additional 7 months
- Consider how to model and explicity teach metacognition
- Have a range of practical strategies to support pupils to engage with, and take responsibility for, their own learning

Research has shown that metacognition has a significant impact on pupil progress. It has been identified as an important component of high quality teaching and learning.
During this course, participants will review definitions of metacognition and self-regulation, and the different aspects of metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulation. Participants will discuss examples of questions which support metacogntion and will consider the characteristics of a metacognitive learner. Strategies which support the development of metacognition will be shared, and participants will be able to discuss examples from classrooms.

In Autumn 2022, this course will run IN PERSON as full day.
In Spring 2023, this course will run ONLINE, over 2x 1/2 day sessions with gap tasks. Participants will be expected to attend both sessions.

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