Great Teaching: Developing Behaviour that Leads to Learning

Suitable for: Teachers, SLT, LTA

Course code Keystages Presented by
PTL115 KS1; KS2
  • Steph Johnson (TLC)
  • Adele Thomson (TLC)

This course is part of a series of courses using evidence-based research to develop, and embed, 'great' teaching and learning.
In this course we will:
- Consider how positive communication and relationships can impact on managing behaviour for learning
- Consider a range of practical strategies for establishing classroom routines and behaviour for learning
- Consider the reasons why children misbehave and how to support children with self-regulation
- Have a range of strategies for managing disruptive behaviour in a positive and restorative manner

Evidence-based research shows that positive relationships, effective classroom management and explicit teaching of learning behaviours can have a positive impact on pupil attendance and attainment. This course will consider research findings and provide a range of practical strategies for developing a positive climate for learning which minimises opportunities for disruptive behaviour. It will consider the reasons why some children present challenging behaviour and examine a range of positive strategies for managing this, should it arise.

Please note, this course runs over two half day sessions to allow for a gap task in between.
The cohort beginning 13.10.22 will run at Burnley Football Club for the first session, and the second session on 10.11.22 will be Online via Zoom.
The cohort beginning 31.01.23 will run at Jack McLaughlin Centre, Corpus Christi for the first session, and the second session on 28.02.23 will be Online via Zoom.

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