NEW: Subject Leaders - Gathering PSED Evidence in the Early Years

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers.

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PSE147 Foundation
  • Jennifer MacDonald (PSHE Consultant)
  • Catharine Cummins (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Early Years)

- Understand the importance of Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED) in early childhood education.
- Identify key components of PSED, including self-confidence, self-awareness, managing feelings, and developing positive relationships and understanding 'what to look for' as a PSHE lead.
- An opportunity to work together to identify good practice in the setting and make a plan for PSED in the setting.
- Learn observational techniques and tools for monitoring PSED education within early years settings.
- Gather practical ideas to take back to school for early years settings that could support PSED development.

Supporting PSHE leads to gain insight into PSED in the Early Years provision.

**OFFER: 2 delegates from the same school can attend the same session for the price of 1. Please make two bookings as normal and we will discount the second place.
One full-paying PSHE lead can bring their EYFS teacher/lead for free.
This will allow both colleagues the opportunity to work together to identify the good practice taking place within their school setting as well gathering practical ideas to support PSED learning back in school.

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