What to say and how to say it in PSHE Education (Primary)

Suitable for: Heads of Departments, Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs, Teaching Assistants, LTA, SENDCO

Course code Keystages Presented by
PSE140 KS1; KS2
  • Jennifer MacDonald (PSHE Consultant)

This course will cover -
• understanding factually accurate information that can be shared with pupils to cover some elements of statutory requirements in primary including:
- teaching about respectful relationships (part of relationships education)
- teaching mental wellbeing (part of health education)
- teaching about the changing adolescent body (part of physical health and mental wellbeing education)

Colleagues delivering elements of the PSHE education curriculum are not always specialists in this area and this can sometimes leave them feeling unsure on how to tackle more sensitive subjects within the statutory requirements. This course is intended to break down guidance from the Department for Education and develop teacher confidence on how to speak with young people about these areas.

Please be aware, places on this course are limited in order to ensure a comfortable atmosphere and promote open discussions for colleagues. They will therefore be repeated throughout the year.

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