Mastering Multiplication Facts

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers

Course code Keystages Presented by
MAT180 KS1; KS2
  • Andrew Taylor (Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant-Primary)

Course Aims
• To identify the expectations for the Multiplication Tables Check in Year Four.
• To explore effective strategies for modelling the concepts of multiplication and division.
• To consider patterns in calculation across times tables and how these can support children with reasoning about unknown facts.
• To explore activities for practise, consolidation and application of multiplication tables facts.

The School Inspection Handbook (2021) states that ‘In order to develop understanding, pupils connect new knowledge with existing knowledge. Pupils also need to develop fluency and unconsciously apply their knowledge as skills. This must not be reduced to, or confused with, simply memorising facts.’ (213)

In the drive to support children in sitting the Multiplication Tables Check in Year 4, it is important that the focus is not on simply memorising facts, but rather on the connections between multiplication, division and reasoning about related facts. These strategies will support the deeper understanding, and therefore longer term retention, of multiplication facts.

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