Mathematics in Continuous Provision

Suitable for: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, ECT

Course code Keystages Presented by
MAT170 Foundation; KS1
  • Andrew Taylor (Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant-Primary)

Course Aims
• To identify the purpose of continuous provision in EYFS environments.
• To explore how maths can be applied and enhanced in the range of areas of learning.
• To consider the role of adults in developing mathematical talk when interacting with children in continuous provision.
• To explore a range of ideas for mathematical enhancements.

In their Early Numeracy Approaches Toolkit, the EEF suggest that commonly, the most effective early numeracy approaches include small group work and balanced guided interaction with direct teaching and child-led activities. The role that quality continuous provision plays in supporting and maximising learning is undeniable. It allows teachers to provide frequent and varied opportunities for children to build and apply their understanding and develop a secure base of knowledge and vocabulary from which mastery of mathematics is built. This course will consider the role played by adults in setting up quality opportunities and enhancements for learning as well as how to interact with children in their play.

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