Mathematics In EYFS For Teaching Assistants

Suitable for: Teaching Assistants

Course code Keystages Presented by
MAT161 Foundation
  • Andrew Taylor (Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant-Primary)

Course Aims
• To identify the key learning in mathematics in the EYFS from the Early Learning Goals and Development Matters and Learning and Progression Steps documents
• To support teaching assistants in developing both adult led and child initiated activities through effective dialogue, questioning and modelling.
• To reflect on how to use the environment to support effective teaching and learning in mathematics, including how to enhance continuous provision.
• To provide support for a curriculum that effectively prepares children for Year One whilst also supporting development toward the early learning goals.
• To demonstrate how teaching assistants can interact with children effectively during practical activities and develop children’s mathematics based on their needs and interests

This course will consider all aspects of mathematics within EYFS, including enabling and encouraging children to utilise the mathematics they know to solve practical problems. It will focus on how to effectively scaffold children’s mathematical development, particularly the acquisition of mathematical language, through the provision of effective learning opportunities and activities.

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