Practical Equipment in Upper KS2 Maths Why You Need It!

Suitable for: Teachers, Teaching Assistant

Course code Keystages Presented by
MAT147 KS2
  • Peter Toogood (Teaching and Learning Consultant-Primary)

• To identify the importance of practical equipment in developing conceptual understanding and confidence.
• To consider which practical resources are most effective for Years 5 and 6.
• To identify how practical equipment should be used by both adults and children.
• To explore the links between the range of experiences within the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach.

The use of practical equipment is important across the whole of the primary phase. It is a fundamental tool for modelling new concepts and allowing children to explore mathematics, effectively supporting their developing conceptual understanding. Ofsted state that teaching in mathematics is successful when it models new procedures and uses resources and approaches that enable pupils to understand the mathematics they are learning. This half day course will provide teachers with the knowledge of what tools to use for teaching different aspects of mathematics and when to use them for maximum impact on learning

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