Appraisal - is your school or Academy ready for Autumn term?

Suitable for: Headteacher, Heads of Department, DHT, Assistant HT, TLRs, Senior Leaders

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MAN187 Foundation; KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4
  • Jane Phythian (Senior School Adviser and Team Leader)

• To provide guidance on the process, requirements and ways of conducting teacher appraisals for 2023-24.
• To provide opportunity for school leaders and appraisers to review their understanding of the appraisal process in light of the most recent national regulations and guidance.
• To provide new appraisers with the knowledge and skills to undertake this role effectively and correctly.
• To provide example templates and resources.
• To practise some of the skills needed by appraisers (experienced and new).

This course will provide the most up to date information and guidance on conducting appraisal for teachers in schools and academies to ensure processes meet regulations and requirements. This will take into account national guidance (eg Ofsted, School Teachers' Pay and Conditions). Participants will be provided with models of paperwork and resources to support the appraisal process. It will provide an opportunity for experienced and new appraisers to practise some of the skills needed in conducting teacher appraisal meetings under current regulations. It will also be a very useful forum for colleagues to discuss and resolve school specific scenarios with each other and the lead school adviser.

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