Coaching for Performance

Suitable for: Headteacher, Heads of Department, Subject Leaders, School Business Manager

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MAN162 Foundation; KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4; Post16
  • Mike Rotheram (Leadership and Performance Consultant)

**Please note, this course is restricted to 3 delegates per setting**

This course will cover:
- what coaching is, what it isn't and the principles of a coaching approach;
- the Leader as a coach - building awareness, responsibility and choice;
- giving you an experience of 'being the coach' and looking at how this works day to day in school;
- coaching for performance (helping the under-performers, unleashing your high performers); and
- embedding coaching across the school as a way of thinking into day to day school life.

The leader is often expected to be the font of all knowledge, to know all of the answers about how to move forward. Leaders who fall into this expectation trap inadvertently create dependency and ultimately a culture that stifles growth. This course will help you to start having a different type of conversation in school, one which doesn’t assume you need to be an expert, and one which helps to grow the capability of people to think differently and engage in their own solutions. This course will provide you with the opportunity to recognise what it means to be a great coach, to learn some of the skills of great coaching, and to start having some coaching conversations. We will explore motivational factors that block progress; how to utilise expertise in your coaching conversations; how to use Ericksonian principles of utilisation/resources in creating change; how to coach with curiosity around difficult issues (e.g., underperformance); and finally how to grow a culture of coaching within the day to day school practice.

This course is led by Dr Mike Rotheram who is a HCPC Registered Performance Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist who works in elite sport, education, business and health. He has supported teams through 5 Olympic cycles. Mike worked with the senior England men's and women's cricket teams for a period of 10 years and has a wealth of experience that he will apply to help you navigate your challenges.

This course has helped me to become a better leader. Rather than taking everything on myself, the tools I have learnt have helped me to put the ownership onto staff which in turn has developed their confidence' - Lancashire Head

'I thought I asked good questions until I came on this course but what I realised is that my questions are often loaded with my own experience which in turn creates a narrow set of solutions which my staff can use. By asking really open, solution focused questions, it can become so much more empowering for staff' - Lancashire Head

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