Implications of Ofsteds Computing Research Review for leaders of Primary Computing

Suitable for: Headteacher, Subject Leaders, Teachers

Course code Keystages Presented by
MAN127 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • James Wright (Adviser)

To support subject leaders understanding of the key recommendations from the Ofsted Research review and development of a measured response.
Provide rigorous discussion of the review's key proposals in relation to: Curriculum Sequencing, Systems and Assessment; Pedagogy; Computer Science; Information technology and Digital Literacy.
To prepare subject leaders for deep dives in Computing, through an understanding of the review's implications for the school's Intent, Implememtation and Impact strategies.

County strategic lead for Primary Computing James Wright will lead delegates in a rigorous discussion of ofsted's recent review of Computing research studies.

Digital technology is driving extraordinary global changes. Computing education is important for pupils to make sense of and to contribute positively to our technologically diverse world. Navigating these changes effectively and safely requires a significant understanding of digital literacy, information technology and computer science.

Ofsted's extensive review has identified key factors that can contribute to high quality school computing curriculums, assessment, pedagogy and systems. Ofsted will use this understanding of subject quality to examine how computing is taught in schools.

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