NEW: Teaching GCSE poetry (anthology and unseen) for excellent outcomes

Suitable for: Teachers, Subject Leaders, Heads of Department, ECT's, Seconds in English, Lead Teachers of English, LTA

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LIT536 KS3; KS4
  • Katy McWean (Secondary English Consultant)

To explore what excellence looks like in responses to poetry at GCSE
To explore how to teach appropriate strategies that allow students to respond to GCSE unseen and anthology poetry with confidence and success
To explore how to support student revision of GCSE unseen and anthology poetry effectively
To explore how poetry can best be taught at key stage 3 to provide an appropriate foundation for success at GCSE in the unseen poetry unit

This course is intended for English practitioners, irrespective of exam specification, who are looking to improve their students' outcomes by refining their practice of teaching poetry at GCSE. A key focus will be on how to encourage and foster students' personal response to poetry. Focus will also be on how students can produce well-argued poetry essays driven by a conceptual, thesis argument.

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