Black British History in the Primary History Curriculum

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers

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HIS103 KS1; KS2
  • Steven Kenyon* (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary History)

This course will cover:
To examine ways of developing our primary history curriculum so that it includes an increased focus on Black British History.
To create and construct inclusive teaching sequences in history which enhance impact and transform learning.
To exemplify historical teaching sequences, built around key concepts, which emphasise chronology, enquiry, making connections and communicating findings.
To consider the significance of black lives in the pupils’ own locality.
To examine a theme in Black British History that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066

The three Local Black History units exemplified within this course seek to address the lack of balance and diversity that can occur when we ‘whitewash’ history and neglect to tell the stories of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Children from different ethnicities and cultures, within our school communities, will feel a sense of belonging and motivation when they can ‘see themselves’ in history. They will be inspired by significant individuals such as Learie Constantine and Olaudah Equiano.

When learning about the Lancashire Cotton Industry (including where our cotton came from) and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, pupils will begin to understand how Britain (including Lancashire) has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.

The three units exemplified during the day are deliberately connected and provide a thread that can run throughout KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. They draw attention to important concepts, frequently revisiting them whilst building in regular retrieval opportunities. This approach supports secure retention unlocking rapid later recognition of these key concepts and ensuring children learn and remember more.

A companion publication to this course, which provides detailed planning guidance for the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Black History units, is available for purchase here:

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