Governor Skills Workshop: Making Difficult Decisions on Governor Panels

Suitable for: Governors

Course code Keystages Presented by
GOV132 Foundation; KS2; KS4; Post16
  • David Franklin (Lancashire Governor Services)
  • Ruth Thompson (Governor Tutor)
  • Andrew Marston (Governor Tutor)
  • Stuart Jackson (Lancashire Governor Services)
  • Steve Wetherill (Presenter)
  • Neil Yates (Governor Tutor)

The course will:

• Identify the different types and functions of governor panels.
• Outline the common principles and procedures to be followed.
• Explain the roles of the Chair of the panel, Clerk, HR and other Specialist Advisers.
• Practice the skills of listening to presentations and asking the right questions.
• Outline the processes for making decisions, recording the rationale and delivering outcomes.
• Practice decision making skills using case studies.

Governors are asked to sit on a wide range of occasional committees or panels with a decision-making role including Pupil Discipline, Staff Discipline, Staff Grievance, Disciplinary Appeals, Parental Complaints, Pay Appeals, etc.

All of these have common features and approaches but, because these committees tend to meet infrequently, governors may have little knowledge or experience of having to make difficult decisions in sometimes challenging cases.

Using case studies, exercises and discussion, this workshop will develop governors’ knowledge and skills around the procedures used and the processes for reaching fair, reasonable and defensible decisions.

This course is for Governors only. Schools who have bought into the Service Level Agreement will receive this course for free as part of their package, but will be charged £25 for non-attendance. Schools which have not bought in to the SLA will be charged the full course fee. It is important that you inform LPDS if you are unable to attend a course to avoid the charge for non-attendance.

You will receive a course confirmation letter via the Schools' Portal and also via email 4 weeks prior to the course.

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