Talk Six Top Up and Talk Six Taster - Biography Unit

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers

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ENG180 KS2
  • Sarah Atkinson (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary English)
  • Katie Giles (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary English)

The Lancashire English team have successfully offered Talk Six since 2019. This year we are delighted to provide the opportunity for a Talk Six 'Top Up' of the biography unit. Since its inception, this unit has been significantly updated, taking into account newly published texts, ongoing pedagogical research and feedback from course delegates.

This full day course is suitable for:
- Y6 teachers who have previously attended Talk Six training and would like to refresh their delivery of the unit.
- Y6 teachers who are new to Talk Six and would like to experience a 'taster day'.

This full day course will aim to:
- use a range of current, quality biographical texts - samples of which are provided.
- explore up-to-date practice in developing reading fluency and comprehension skills.
- consider a range of writing opportunities, both modelled and independent, including newer text types, e.g. infographics.
- provide day-by-day planning suggestions to comprise a motivating and empowering unit of work.

As with all Talk programme units, a full suite of supporting materials will be provided to support the delivery of the unit back in school.

**OFFER: This course is available at the discounted rate of £100, instead of £208.

"Genuinely one of the best training courses I have been on - thank you". (Talk Six delegate, 2022-23)

"I have been teaching 17 years and this is by far the most enjoyable and useful course/programme I have attended". (Talk Six delegate, 2022-23)

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