Fast Forward Spelling An intervention programme for Year 5 and 6 children who are aiming for age-related expectations in spelling at the end of KS2

Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs, Teaching Assistants

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ENG165 KS2
  • Steven Kenyon* (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary History)

Fast Forward Spelling has been developed to prepare pupils for the higher expectations in the current National Curriculum and to support them in securing grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. This intervention has been designed to address gaps in learning. Fast Forward Spelling is a 12 programme with daily sessions planned for each week. The half-day training course will cover:
• the introduction to the programme;
• terminology and subject knowledge of spelling rules and conventions;
• the structure of Fast Forward Spelling;
• games and activities to support learning and application of spelling;
• how Fast Forward Spelling can be organised in school.
The 12 week programme consists of five twenty minute sessions each week. Comprehensive lesson plans for all 60 sessions are included. A brief assessment opportunity is included at the end of each week.
It is recommended that the course is attended by the class teacher and the person who will be delivering the programme. The cost of the course does not include a copy of the Fast Forward Spelling resource. Places can be booked without the need to purchase the programme.
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