Lancashire Reading Partners: A one to one reading approach designed to develop word reading, fluency and comprehension

Suitable for: Heads of Departments, Subject Leaders, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, LTA

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ENG134 KS1; KS2; KS3
  • Louise Baker (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary English)

Lancashire Reading Partners is a one-to-one reading intervention approach which can be used to support progress in reading. It is particularly useful for children who are reading within the lowest 20% of a cohort in KS1, KS2 and KS3 and need specific support. Lancashire Reading Partners is designed to be delivered by teachers or teaching assistants who support children with reading.

The aims of the training are:
• To provide a clear structure and training for delivering catch-up reading sessions which will support children’s progress from their starting points;
• To develop word reading (phonics), fluency and comprehension skills;
• To promote engagement and enjoyment of reading;
• To enable children to make rapid progress in reading; and
• To provide support materials for planning, teaching and assessing children’s progress.

Lancashire Reading Partners is recommended as a 10 week programme consisting of 3 ten-to-fifteen minute sessions each week, although this is flexible depending upon the needs of the children.

Ideally, the course should be attended by the teacher who is leading and implementing the Lancashire Reading Partners approach across school, as well as the adult/s who will be delivering the programme. The materials explored during the training can be used within school to train relevant staff.

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