New to English Subject Leadership Two day course

Suitable for: Subject Leaders

Course code Keystages Presented by
ENG109 KS1; KS2
  • Sarah Atkinson (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Primary English)

To provide English subject leaders with the knowledge and skills to develop the key elements of leading and managing English effectively within the primary school.
• To enable the English subject leader to understand and develop the different aspects of their role.
• To equip the English subject leader with a range of tools to monitor and evaluate English linked to the National Curriculum and the OFSTED Framework.

This two day course is suitable for those colleagues who are new to subject leadership in English, or have only been leading the subject for a short while.
The course will outline the roles and responsibility of the English Subject Leader and will provide;
• an overview of the NC in English and documents to support its effective delivery, examining age related expectations in speaking and listening, phonics, reading and writing.
• insight into data analysis and assessment and how these can be used to inform future teaching and learning across school.
• guidance on effective monitoring and evaluating using triangulation of strategies.
* approaches in identifying areas of improvement to support future action planning.

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