New - Classroom Dynamics for ECTs: Effective strategies for positive relationships and behaviour in your classroom

Suitable for: ECTs, LTA

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ECT211 Foundation; KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4; Post16
  • Catherine Reeves (Senior Secondary Consultant Behaviour)
  • Diane Sheron (Primary Behaviour Consultant)

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the following:
* The power of relational practice.
* Creating and sustaining a trauma-informed classroom.
* Embedding restorative practices in your classroom.
* Establishing and communicating your Behaviour Curriculum; teaching the behaviour you want to see and hear.
* Exploring pedagogical approaches which positively impact on student behaviour.
* Gaining a deeper understanding of SEND and meeting the social, emotional and wellbeing needs of a wide range of learners in your classroom.

The day will be built around practical strategies, opportunities to discuss/share and apply to case study situations. Delegates will leave with a useful resource pack to support them as they implement their learning back in the classroom.

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