Practical Formative Assessment - Unlocking the potential in your class

Suitable for: ECTs

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ECT183 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant )

This course will use evidence-based research to develop, and embed, formative assessment strategies. In this course we will:
Develop an understanding of the formative assessment process
Review current thinking/research/key messages regarding teaching & learning
Consider how effective formative assessment leads to changes in 'long-term' memory and learning
Consider how effective formative assessment leads pupils to develop deep knowledge and understanding
Consider the next steps for embedding effective formative assessment within your class.

This full day course will focus on Formative Assessment - both culture and practice. It will be based upon the work of many leading names in formative assessment including Shirley Clarke and Dylan Wiliams, and will develop many of the ideas that have been presented in their work. We will consider how effective formative assessment is the key to developing children's learning and independence. The content of the day will include:
• Current research findings
• An overview of the key elements of formative assessment
• Embedding formative assessment practices in the classroom.
Developing an understanding of The Formative Assessment Jigsaw:
• A learning culture that supports formative assessment (self-efficacy, metacognition and the implications of cognitive science)
• The importance of clear learning objectives and success criteria
• Children as learning resources for one another (talk partners and peer learning)
• Prior knowledge and the use of questions to assess student understanding
• Feedback which is acted upon, and impacts on learning (in-lesson verbal having more impact than post-lesson marking)

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities for discussion, reflection and tasks. Handouts will include selected resources.
This course is ideal for ECTs who want to develop their thinking and understanding of formative assessment and how to implement strategies into their classroom practice.

This course is provided at no charge for all ECTs registered with Lancashire County Council as the Appropriate Body as part of our ECT Package, however the full course fee of £189 will be charged in the event of non-attendance or where the ECT is registered with a different Appropriate Body.

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