ECTs: Getting to Grips with Children Falling Behind Age Related Expectations

Suitable for: ECTs & LTA

Course code Keystages Presented by
ECT164 KS1; KS2
  • Steph Johnson (TLC)

- To consider the issues of teaching children with SEND/gaps in learning within a mainstream primary classroom
- To consider a range of practical strategies to support planning for children falling behind age-related expectation due to their additional needs
- To consider how to use assessment to plan meaningful and manageable learning for children falling behind
- To have an overview of PIVATS 5 and how to use this to assess progress and inform planning

This course will examine the challenges facing teachers of children with a wide range of needs in a mainstream classroom. It will consider how to teach to age-related expectations whilst supporting children who are working significantly below these expectations, due to attributes of SEND. It will look at research around cognitive science and give a range of practical strategies for adapting teaching appropriately. The course will consider the importance of effective, but manageable, assessment, give an overview of PIVATS 5, examine how to assess children using PIVATS 5 and how to set meaningful and manageable learning targets which will inform planning within a whole class context and within the context of interventions.

Please note, following suggestions from previous course delegates, this course will be spread over three half day (am) sessions. (2 face-to-face sessions on 02/02/2023 and 09/02/2023 and one online session on 02/03/2023) Delegates will be expected to attend all three sessions.

Non attendance will result in a charge of £269.00 being charged.

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