EYFS Can We Write? Yes We Can! - A focus on Gross and fine motor skills in the Early years for PE or English subject leaders and EYFS teachers.

Suitable for: Heads of department, Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs

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EAY143 Foundation
  • Catharine Cummins (Teaching and Learning Consultant - Early Years)

This full day course will :
- explore the key learning within physical development (fine motor skills and gross motor skills)
- focus on how practitioners can plan suitable activities to promote a range of skills through adult focused activities and through enhanced provision both indoors and outdoors, including timetabling, monitoring and assessment.
- provide opportunities for delegates to engage in and explore a range of ideas and activities to support the development of handwriting skills, including fine motor skills, use of tools and equipment and letter formation.

This course will be delivered by Catharine Cummins EYFS consultant and Jess Squires PE consultant LPDS. It is suitable for EYFS teachers and at no additional cost the school subject leaders for physical development or Literacy can attend.

"The course gave me a really deep understanding of the process of learning to write."

"LPDS offer a great range of courses. I am very happy with this! We were given lots of ideas to implement in the classroom and time to share ideas and support each other."

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