Using Talk Boost Key Stage 1 Intervention to Boost Children's Speaking, Listening and Communication Skills

Suitable for: Teachers, ECT, Teaching Assistants, SENCO's, Subject Leaders

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EAL142 KS1
  • Sam Hoban (EAL/GRT consultancy teacher)


To develop the skills and knowledge to understand the rationale behind Talk Boost KS1
To be able to identify appropriate children for the intervention, and measure their progress
To learn how to deliver the intervention successfully.

This course is suitable for schools that already have the Talk Boost Key Stage 1 materials in school and wish to have other staff trained to deliver the intervention.
What is Talk Boost KS1?
Talk Boost KS1 is a highly evidenced, targeted intervention, delivered by a classroom teacher and teaching assistant. It is delivered to a small of children (aged 4-7 years old) who have delayed language development. There is lots of evidence to show that this intervention helps to boost children's language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers.
We recommend that pairs of participants from a setting attend together. * As part of the training, they will receive the intervention pack, which costs £550, for their school. * Please let us know if you already have a pack in school, so do not need a pack ordering
The intervention pack includes:
• An Intervention Manual containing detailed group session plans and resources required
• A Teacher Manual that guides teachers in selecting the right children, tracking their progress and managing the overall operation of the groups
• 12 Children’s Activity books to reinforce what has been taught in the group sessions
• Access to our Classroom Checklist, Online Tracker Tool and Child Attitude Survey to measure and analyse progress which supports Pupil Premium
• Access to the Communication Cookbook which contains fun activities to support children's language and communication
• Talk Boost KS1 Toolkit which contains a set of musical instruments, toys, and activity materials designed to make your Talk Boost KS1 sessions even more convenient.

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