ECTs: Strategies and Resources for Effective EAL provision in Mainstream Education

Suitable for: ECT

Course code Keystages Presented by
EAL115 Foundation; KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4
  • Izabela Zalewska-Ratajczak (EAL)

1. Understand how children acquire an additional language
2. Understand the language demands of the curriculum
3. Know what good EAL strategies look like in mainstream classrooms
4. Gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by EAL pupils
5. Learn about the resources available to differentiate for EAL learners teaching

This course will help teachers to have a better understanding of language development and the cultural and linguistic needs of EAL learners. They will know how to support bilingual learners to master academic content of the curriculum, whilst simultaneously developing their English language skills.

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