Teaching Assistants and EAL: Effectively supporting EAL learners: (2-part course)

Suitable for: Teaching Assistants, School Support Staff, LTA

Course code Keystages Presented by
EAL112 KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4
  • Izabela Zalewska-Ratajczak (EAL)
  • Roxana Sardais (Team Leader)

This course will prepare you to support EAL learners by:
• Understanding how children acquire an additional language
• Learning about a wide range of practical strategies and resources to support the development of English Language proficiency
• Modelling EAL strategies for them and an opportunity to practice themselves
• Planning, assessing and delivering small group interventions to pre teach or over teach vocabulary
• Finding out about resources to support delivering small group intervention language programme

This course is for teaching assistants working with international new arrivals and more advanced EAL learners. It consist of two sessions with a 'gap task' between.
Part A) Practical Strategies for Developing English Proficiency
It will consider strategies and resources that can be used when working in class and in small group situations such as barrier games, collaborative learning activates, speaking/writing frame sand many others.

Part B) Delivering Small Group Interventions to EAL and Supporting EAL Learners in the Mainstream
TAs will be trained to plan and deliver small group intervention and will learn how to support EAL learners in the mainstream .

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