De-escalating behaviour: Preventing a Crisis

Suitable for: Headteacher, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, SENDCO, LTA

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BHV103 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • Diane Sheron (Primary Behaviour Consultant)

This course will provide:
- recent research guidelines in the support of pupils who struggle to self-regulate;
- a toolkit of de-escalation strategies to avoid children reaching crisis point; and
- an opportunity for self-reflection as teachers and supporting adults.

De-escalation is not about simply stopping a behaviour. It is more about spotting the often subtle signs of when a child is feeling anxious or distressed and using appropriate intervention strategies to calm and reconnect the feelings which are driving the behaviour, ultimately to prevent them spiralling into a potential crisis.

This course will give practical strategies on how to develop crucial relationships, how to focus on positive behaviours within the classroom.

Use of tone of voice and the body language of supporting adults is an important part of de-escalation.

The use of a script and an emotion coaching approach will be explored as part of the toolkit, ultimately preventing a child from reaching emotional overwhelm.

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