Understanding and Supporting ADHD Behaviours

Suitable for: Teachers, ECT's, Teaching Assistants, SENDCO, LTA.

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BHV102 KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4
  • Catherine Reeves (Senior Secondary Consultant Behaviour)
  • Diane Sheron (Primary Behaviour Consultant)

- To gain an in-depth understanding of the ADHD brain.
- To explore practical strategies to create an inclusive learning environment for all pupils, including those with ADHD behaviours, across primary and secondary phases.
- To explore the neurodiverse aspects of ADHD and how it impacts pupils in the classroom.
- To develop a toolkit of strategies to support pupil impulsivity, improve focus and enhance self-regulation.

This course is designed for SENDCO's, teachers and teaching assistants, providing valuable insights into how neuro diversity manifests in the classroom and equipping you with the tools to effectively support primary and secondary aged pupils with ADHD presentations. You will leave with a toolkit of strategies, including a pupil regulation plan which addresses common challenges faced by pupils with ADHD behaviours.

NB We can tailor the course content to the specific needs of your school, Governing Body, or Cluster.
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