Using the new, revised, Lancashire Tracker Training Session (EYFS)

Suitable for: Headteacher, Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs, Assessment Leads

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ASS197 Foundation
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant )

This course will cover:
1. To give an overview of the new Lancashire Pupil Tracking Tool and its main features.
2. To consider how the changes in Assessment affect the tracking of children.
3. To enable schools to input their own school data.
4. To begin to analyse data in the pupil tracker.

The New, Revised Lancashire Pupil Tracker is an online tracking tool based that reflects guidance given in 'Making Data Work' and by OFSTED.

The tool enables users to:

• Track children's attainment throughout the different Primary phases (EYFS.)
• Run analysis reports on individual children, groups and the whole school.
• Keep track of assessments, and use this information to inform pupil progress discussions.

During the session, via screen sharing, delegates will be taken through a tour of the tracking tool and its main features and functionality. The session will encompass a demonstration and discussion around the reports and their purpose and how these can impact Teaching and Learning.

These training sessions will include the improvements made during the most recent updates to the tracker.

To order the pupil tracker for your school please visit: or contact the Professional Support Team on 01772 531555

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