Year 6 - understanding the statutory assessment procedures - effective preparation for SATs

Suitable for: Headteacher, Subject Leaders, Teachers, ECTs

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ASS184 KS2
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant)

- To help Year 6 teachers develop their understanding of the end of Key Stage 2 statutory assessment.
- To develop an understanding of teacher assessment arrangements for the end of Key Stage 2.
- To consider effective strategies to prepare children for the end of KS2 assessment tests.
- To receive guidance on the administration and management of end of Key Stage 2 assessment including the tests and arrangements.
- To take part in agreement trialling using examples from STA standardisation exercises.

This fully updated and rewritten ½ day course is for all Year 6 Teachers.. The course will provide guidance on the management and administration of the end of Key Stage 2 assessment arrangements for 2024/2025. There will be the opportunity to consider some of the STA materials produced to support moderators with assessing writing and to consider ways to effectively prepare for the end of KS2 tests in reading and maths. It will consider the requirements regarding the use of Statutory Assessment tests; the formulation of teacher assessment judgements against national expectations; potential use of assessment data and requirements of reporting to parents.

There will also be an opportunity to undertake writing moderation using standardisation materials from STA.

This course may also be useful for Assessment Coordinators and Headteachers to provide a detailed overview of the arrangements and procedures.

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