Access Arrangements for the End of Key Stage 2: Statutory Assessments in 2025 Breakfast Briefings for Experienced Headteacher

Suitable for: Headteachers, Deputy Headteacher, Assessment Leads

Course code Keystages Presented by
ASS133 KS2
  • Mike Thompson (Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator)
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant)

To outline the access arrangements for pupils in key stage 2 who are to undertake the statutory assessments in 2025
To outline procedures to be followed when applying for access arrangements.

These Breakfast Briefings will look at access arrangements in key stage 2 for 2025. These will consider updated guidelines from the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) on the use of access arrangements including rest breaks, transcripts, readers and amanuenses. Discussion and guidance will be given around good practice utilised in the organisation of Access Arrangements.

Further advice will outline the correct procedures to use when applying for access arrangements such as additional time.

Please note that this is a briefing around the KS2 Access Arrangements and is aimed at for experienced Headteachers/Senior Leaders only. It is not suitable for Year 6 Teachers, those new to the administrations of the KS2 Statutory Tests or those wanting in depth guidance to the use of Access Arrangements. An alternative ½ day course is available to meet these needs and can be accessed here: ASS132

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