Great Teaching: Strong Culture Deep Learning

Suitable for: Headteachers, Teachers, ECT

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ASS122 Foundation; KS1; KS2
  • Steph Johnson (TLC)
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant )

This course is part of a series of courses using evidence-based research to develop, and embed, 'great' teaching and learning. In this course we will:
Consider the importance of establishing a whole school culture for learning and how this impacts on outcomes for children

Consider different elements which contribute to a culture for learning including behaviour for learning, social and emotional learning, metacognition, growth mindset and self- efficacy

Have a range of practical ideas and strategies for developing the above

Delegates will be given opportunity to use the Culture for Learning section of the Great Teaching Audit Tool to evaluate current practice in the school regarding the above and next steps

Following the pandemic, many schools are re-evaluating what 'great teaching' looks like in their settings. Culture for learning is foundational to this and many colleagues have faced growing challenges regarding an increase in children's SEMH needs and the impact of this on behaviour for learning and, ultimately, outcomes and wellbeing.

The course will offer delegates the opportunity to consider current practice and next steps. Please note that, in a one day session, we can only offer an introduction to the areas identified but there are more in-depth courses available which will be sign-posted as part of the training.

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