NEW - EYFSP - Cluster Moderation for End of Year Judgements

Suitable for: Teachers

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ASS121 Foundation
  • Catharine Cummins (Teaching and Learning Consultant-Primary)
  • Elaine Williams (Assessment Consultant )

This course will cover:
• To benchmark evidence against national exemplification. (National)
• To moderate end of EYFS judgements against the early learning goals
• To help identify strengths and areas for development on transition into Year 1

2021/2022, saw the full implementation of the New EYFS Framework and the New Early Learning Goals (ELGS) on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP). Schools now have to use the EYFSP to make statutory judgements for each child and are required to submit these judgements to the Local Authority. Although Statutory Moderation has been removed, one of the requirements of the EYFSP is for Schools to ensure that they have Quality Assured their judgements.

This half day training session will be focused upon the Renewed Early Learning Goals and will enable delegates to work in small groups to externally moderate their judgements. There will be opportunities to 'benchmark' against new national exemplification and to hold professional dialogue with colleagues around judgements. The session will be led by previous Local Authority Moderators, who will help to facilitate discussions.

For this academic year the focus of the session will be on the following ELGS:
1. Gross motor
2. Numerical patterns
3. The natural world

We ask that each participant brings along with them some evidence and is prepared to hold professional moderation conversations (Please note there is no statutory requirement for teachers to keep physical evidence, therefore the evidence asked for here will be a matter for each individual school and teacher to decide upon) for;

1. Gross motor
2. Numerical patterns
3. The natural world

NB The evidence could be for one child or it may be from two or three different children. The practitioner attending the course can decide on the number of children and the form that the evidence will take.

Consideration during the session will also be given to implications for transition to Year 1.

This course will support Teacher Assessment for the EYFS. It will enable practitioners to be confident and accurate in their judgements against ELGs at the end of the Reception Year.

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