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World Book Online (external link)

World Book Online contains thousands of informational articles with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, research help, and activities.

Several editions are available, all in one place.

  • For children around 6 to 10, with thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with illustrations, videos, interactive maps, comparison tools, and a wealth of engaging games and activities
  • For students in secondary schools and 6th form college. All the articles from the print versions of the World Book Encyclopaedia plus extra articles, multi-media and learning resources.
  • And an Advanced edition. A vast multi-media encyclopaedia integrated in a single search. Useful for general research by adults and college students.
  • Plus, a wide range of informative non-fiction and fiction eBooks for all ages on a host of topics that can easily be read in your browser on computer or portable device.
  • See a video introduction to using World Book in our library academy (external link).

Credo Reference (external link)

NewsBank (external link)

  • UK and world newspaper articles published in the last 5 to 25 years sorted by topic
  • All the major world and national daily papers are included as well as many local and regional ones.
  • See a video introduction to using NewsBank in our library academy (external link).

Learning Place (external link)

  • Websites chosen and validated by library staff to help in your learning and fit in with the National Curriculum
  • Endorsed by the Lancashire Grid for Learning and teachers throughout Lancashire
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