Digitisation Service

Lancashire Archive's digitisation studio is equipped to make high quality copies of archive and heritage material.

Ordering copies of items from our collections

The standard rate is £9 for the first page of a document and £2 for each subsequent page of the same document. If it is more cost effective for you, or if an item is difficult to image or requires conservation work beforehand, our quote will be based on an hourly rate of £47.00 instead.

We charge a set price for the document types listed below:

Probate files


QSP, QSB and ARR/11


Police Records Examination Book (PLA/11)


Police Records Personnel Sheet (PLA/53 & 54)


Vehicle Registration (not certified)


Vehicle Registration (certified)


Certified Anglican Baptism (handwritten)


Hospital Reception Orders


Sound Recordings

£29 per hour

Document certification


In addition, postage charges apply for documents printed and sent to you in hardcopy format. These are £2.60 for the UK postal area and £3.85 for other areas.

Items are assessed before digitising. Some items may be too large or bulky for us to copy without risk of damage, while others are too fragile. We also have to act in accordance with closure periods, current copyright laws and to respect the wishes of owners who have restricted the copying of their documents.

For all orders we will issue you with a quote, which you can accept and pay for online, by post or over the phone. To receive a quote for copies please proceed to the link below.

Request a quote for copies

What we can offer

Our digitisation team use a professional DSLR camera and industry standard imaging software to create images of a range of document types, including but not limited to: bound volumes, parchment, maps, plans, photographs and negatives.

The handling and use of digitisation equipment is approved by the Conservation team at the archive and all records are stored and copied in a secure environment.

We can make digital reproductions of items up to 2x2 metres in size, and we may be able to provide images of larger sized items in several pieces. 

We capture images at a minimum of 400ppi and supply them as JPEGs, TIFFs or PDF.

Your collections

We are experienced in undertaking digitisation projects for individuals, local historians, academics, museums and galleries. We can digitise your own material and can form a quote based on your bespoke requirements. If you have old documents at home, or archive and heritage collections that need capturing digitally, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us directly at archivecopies@lancashire.gov.uk.