Lancashire Archives is home to millions of historic documents that help tell the story of our county over the last 900 years, and we want as many people as possible to benefit from our collections, particularly teachers and pupils who are finding out about Lancashire's fascinating past.

So, if you are a teacher in Lancashire, whether you are re-thinking the local history elements of your curriculum, or just planning a particular lesson, we can help you access a wide range of primary and secondary sources relating to your local area. These could include books, photographs, newspapers, oral history recordings and maps . Our strong rooms might even contain old documents from your school, such as architectural plans, log books and admission registers.  

A great starting point is You Are Here. This guide on how to use old maps in local history teaching and learning is supported by a FREE bespoke digital resource pack containing copies of historic maps which all include the site of your school.

If you would like to receive your You Are Here resource pack, or have questions about what else we have to help you make history local, please contact us.

Lancashire Archives Schools contact request

You Are Here was developed in partnership with Lancashire Professional Development Service

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