Thoughts from Lancashire Archives podcast

A series of conversations about interesting items from the collections at Lancashire Archives, where nine hundred years of Lancashire's written heritage is looked after and made publicly available.

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Archivists Kathryn Newman and Victoria McCann are joined by Dr Alan Crosby to talk about the history of gardens and all things horticultural in Lancashire, ending with a 'fruity' tale from the church court records!

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This is an excerpt from a podcast recorded in September 2021 for Sports Heritage Day. In this clip Dr Peter Holme of the National Football Museum talk about Dick Kerr Ladies and the history of women's football.

190 years ago John Knight and Joseph Livesey signed the total abstinence pledge thereby starting an unstoppable movement in Preston and Lancashire better known as the temperance movement. Dr Annemarie McAllister of UCLan joins archivists Kathryn Newman and Victoria McCann to talk about the socio-political history of the movement and in particular the impact it had on the lives of women and children.

To mark Women's History Month, archivists Victoria McCann and Kathryn Newman are joined by Professor Amanda Vickery, Queen Mary University, London and Browsholme Archivist, Anna Watson to talk about women's lives in the long eighteenth century in Lancashire, by looking at diaries and court records. 

Lancashire Archives in conversation with Bernard Melling, author of 'Fear in the Time of Covid', Dr Alan Crosby, historian and Catherine Clapperton, a records manager at Lancashire County Council. From plague in the 14th and 17th centuries, Cholera in the 19th century and the Spanish Flu and AIDS in the 20th century, pandemics have spread fear and distress among communities in Britain and Lancashire. How do they compare with our most recent experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and what is the importance of keeping records?

To mark LGBTQ+ History Month in February 2022 and the theme of politics and art, archivist Victoria McCann talks to Paul Fairweather a leading gay rights campaigner in the North West and one time Labour councillor and Mike Jackson, a prominent gay rights activist from Accrington and founding member of the Lesbian and Gay Men Support the Miners (LGSM) campaign group in 1984 and 1985, the story of which campaign was made into the film 'Pride' in 2014 by Stephen Beresford. Subjects discussed include young people and politics, gay rights activism, the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), LGSM, the Miners' Strike, the labour movement, Allan Horsfall, left-wing politics and Paul and Mike's personal experiences.