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Alcohol and drugs

You can find general information about alcohol and drugs misuse on the NHS choices website.

Alcohol and Health (external website) is an eight-page guide produced by Drink and Drugs News (DDN) it gives a clear and detailed overview of risks – and advice for people who are likely to encounter signs and symptoms in their everyday work.

If you live in Lancashire and want some help to get more control of your substance use or to become drug and/or alcohol free there are specialist treatment services available across the county.

These services can also give advice and support to people affected by someone else's substance use including family members and carers. 

You are not on your own and we can help you.

Young people

YouthZone provides information and advice about drugs and alcohol for young people in Lancashire.

Parents and carers

Find advice and tips for talking to your children about the risks associated with underage drinking.

Would you like support?

Young Addaction is a Lancashire wide young people's drug and alcohol treatment service (for under 25's). For information and support contact the service:

Telephone: (Office number) 01772 281495 Freephone for clients 0808 164 0074




Would you like support?

We can provide a range of services for adults including:

  • needle exchanges
  • advice on harm reduction
  • psychosocial interventions
  • substitute prescribing
  • group work
  • access to counselling
  • referral to residential detoxification and rehabilitation (aged 18 plus)

If you would like help please contact the service provider in your area:

Adult services:

Central Lancashire


01772 366120

East Lancashire

Inspire East Lancashire

01254 495382
Fax number for prison and Hospital Alcohol Liaison Service (HALS): 01524 451029

North Lancashire

Inspire North Lancashire

0845 8941745

Criminal Justice referrals can be made by calling 01772 366120 or emailing