Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Service

After the assessment

ConversationThe AMHP will explain the outcome of the assessment to the person being assessed. If a decision is made to detain the person in hospital the AMHP will make sure the person understands the reasons for this decision and what this means. The AMHP will talk to the person about their legal rights under the Mental health Act (MHA)  

The AMHP will also inform the nearest relative of the outcome of the assessment, the reasons for the decision and the nearest relative's rights under the MHA

Where hospital admission is necessary, the doctor will contact the NHS Mental Health Trust's bed management team to request that a bed be identified. The bed management team will inform the AMHP of the hospital where the bed has been identified.

Once a bed is confirmed the AMHP can complete their application to detain the person to that hospital. The AMHP will make arrangements for the admission and for the most appropriate transport to the hospital.

Throughout this process the AMHP will consider any risks to the person or to others and will ensure the person is treated with dignity and respect.

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